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Hawaiian Honey AT&S

Royal Jelly 3 oz

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Royal jelly is a gelatinous substance produced by honey bees to feed the queen bees and their young. It comes straight from the hive with nothing aded to it, just raw, pure royal jelly. 

Royal jelly enhances the production of proteins involved in tissue repair. and lower blood pressure. It may increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar control. Also, has a great benefit for brain function and may even treat certain side effects caused by cancer treatment.

Important Shipping and Storage Information

We send royal jelly in a special temperature-controlled container because our royal jelly  sent frozen solid. We ship your royal jelly with a cooling pack. Depending on a weather and shipping method chosen, this cooling pack may be thawed upon arrival. Since royal jelly is a perishable product, Hawaiian Honey AT&S is not responsible for local weather conditions. We require all fresh royal jelly orders to ship using special package, so we included the price for it in the price . We HIGHLY recommend choosing priority shipping during hot summer months. We ship royal jelly Monday through Wednesday only.

 REMINDER: Make sure keep it in a fridge