Why Do We Need To Eat Honey?

Why Do We Need To Eat Honey?

Everybody knows that honey tastes great but did you know anything about what a healthy food it is? There are numerous valid reasons for eating honey as an integral part of a healthy diet, including these four main ones:


  1. A Cure for the Common Cold?:

Honey helps soothe the symptoms of the common cold by reducing both throat irritations and coughs. In fact, just eating some honey can work as a highly effective cough-suppressant. It has also been used in hot tea with lemon for many years with excellent results in shortening the duration and easing the discomfort of colds and flu. In fact, one study showed that children two years of age and up who were suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection were fed as much as two teaspoons (10 milliliters) of honey at their bedtime. This use of honey reduced their nighttime coughing while also improving their sleep. OK, we know that there is no actual “cure for the common cold” yet but the more we can soothe and decrease the severity of the symptoms, the better.


  1. Increasing Athletic Performance:

In addition, honey can be used during vigorous exercise as an excellent carbohydrate source that’s full of healthy sugars rather than unhealthily processed sugars like many products contain today. This results in not only better athletic performance but a sense of well-being as well.


  1. As an Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Fungal:

You can also apply honey directly to your skin to heal burns, diabetic foot ulcers, sunburn, and wounds. Due to the high natural sugar content, honey absorbs a lot of the moisture inside of a wound. This makes it very difficult for bacteria to survive. In addition, honey reduces ulcers as well as many other gastrointestinal disorders like diarrhea that are generally caused by Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacterial infection.


  1. For Better Eyesight:

Eating honey is good for your eyesight, too. As we age, some individuals suffer from blurred vision, which is associated with macular degeneration. But did you know that this condition is easily preventable with a little help from honey? The antioxidants in honey actually assist your eye muscles in staying healthy so they work well. So, if you’re age 25 or even 50+, you can be assured that eating honey regularly can help you to have better eyesight. And, in ancient Egypt, one folk remedy involved using pure honey for healing cataracts by putting a few drops in the eyes, which allegedly helped many patients.


So, whether you want to improve your eyesight, athletic performance, wound healing, or just soothe your cold symptoms, try adding honey to your diet and see what all of those honey benefits can do for you. It’s the perfect sugar alternative, too, so get started today to feel better tomorrow!