First Time Taking Bee Pollen

First Time Taking Bee Pollen

If you read both Benefits of Bee Pollen and What is Bee Pollen, then you probably learned all about the special pollen benefits. And, now if you’re reading this, you have undoubtedly decided to embark on a program of good pollen nutrition. However, if this will be your very first time taking bee pollen, you could possibly have a number of questions about getting started. You’re not alone though since most first-time users have questions that need answering. So, here are some answers and directions to help you get started:
Day-By-Day Directions

Day #1- Allergy Test:
Test for a potential bee pollen allergy. Put one grain of pollen under your tongue, then just let it dissolve. If you do have an allergic reaction, your symptoms could include lightheadedness, shortness of breath, itching, swelling, and in some more severe cases, anaphylaxis.

Day #2- Getting Started:
If you don’t experience an allergic reaction after waiting a few minutes, take two grains of pollen.

Day #3- Increasing Your Dosage:
Now that you’re fairly sure that you’re not allergic to bee pollen, take four to eight grains on this day.

Day #4 and Beyond- Further Increasing Dosage:
Continue increasing your dosage of bee pollen with the addition of a few grains of pollen per day until you have reached a dose of one to five teaspoons daily.

You can add bee pollen to anything from smoothies to yogurt, salads, and much more. Just make sure that it is a dish that is not heated since bee pollen will lose its nutrients when heated. In addition, you should make sure your bee pollen is kept refrigerated for avoiding spoiling. And, as always, you should contact your doctor if you experience an allergic reaction.

We hope that you start enjoying all of bee pollen’s many advantages now that you know how to start taking this masterpiece of nature. Once you’ve tried bee pollen, whether as an anti-allergen or pollen as a remedy for any number of ailments or just for better all-around health, please share your experience at AT&S Bee Pollen/Write a Review.