What is Bee Pollen?

What is Bee Pollen?

What is Bee Pollen? That’s a pretty common question and knowing what it is should naturally start with how it’s made. This miracle of nature is made when honeybees land on the flowers and scrape off all of the loose pollen with their legs and their jaws. Then, they comb that pollen down, turning it into a mixture of saliva, pollen, and nectar. Then they pack the mixture into the pole cells that surround the brood nest in order to make their food. The bees also add certain enzymes for altering the pollen to protect it from deterioration. Following that part of the process, they digest the pollen, turning it into honey.

A Few More Important Bee Pollen Facts

  1. Bee Pollen is recognized by The German Federal Board of Health as a medicine due to the fact that it consists of all the nutrients that human bodies need. [1] Economic Botany
  2. Bee Pollen offers practically every nutrient that is vital to human health. This includes amino acids, B-complex vitamins, folic acid, and protein.
  3. The benefits of pollen as a remedy include:
    A. Relieving Menopausal Symptoms
    B. Decreasing Allergies
    C. Strengthening the Immune System
    D. Easing Digestion
    E. Keeping Skin Smooth and Supple
    F. Protecting Your Prostate
    G. Improving Your Energy


    Now that you know how it was made, you can enjoy this super-natural healthy product that is quite simply pollen nutrition. So, try some of our all-natural AT&S Honey for better overall health, as an anti-allergen, or a proven beauty product. And, if you found this information interesting and useful, why not share it with others in our comments section? We hope that you enjoy and share with other Bee Pollen lovers!


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