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Hawaiian Honey AT&S

Creamy Hawaiian Honey

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This creamy whipped like consistency honey is very unique in texture. Opalescent honey floats off your tongue, leaving you to savor its subtle, yet rich, tropical essence.
Harvested from a single Hawaiian farm, this honey is unheated and unfiltered.
Pure White Hawaiian Honey rapidly and naturally crystallizes into an exceptionally creamy texture in some time after the extraction.
The texture of this honey is one of the rarest gourmet Honey varieties on the planet and impossible to create.
 Hawaiian White Honey is never processed or boiled, nothing is used to process this honey except extraction machine.

-100% Floral and Natural honey

-Raw, Unheated and Unfiltered

-Location of honey collecting on Big Island in the US

-Made from Rare Flower nectar. The whipped like texture reminds sweet condensed milk. 

-This honey can be added to any fruit,  smoothies, but the best way to enjoy it si to spread it over your toast in the morning.


- Warning: Do not feed honey to infants under one year.


Please Note:  Raw honey tends to crystallize within 2-6 months, depending on the humidity, temperature, un/direct light.

We produce all our honey on the Big Island of Hawaii without chemicals, artificial feeds, miticides, heat, or filtration.