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Hawaiian Honey AT&S

California Wildflowers Honey

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- Local Wild Flowers Honey is harvested in California.

-Raw Wildflower Honey in a 1 gallon container which is 12 pounds of honey.

- It is 100% raw, unheated, and unfiltered honey. It comes directly from the hive and it has never been pasteurized or blended.

- The color of this wonderful honey, texture, and flavor will vary depending on the flowers the bees are foraging on at any given time of the year.

- Wildflower honey is purely produced for your enjoyment.

- If you have a sore throat, put a teaspoon of honey under the tongue and suck it. It Will help to relieve pain. 

100% Real, pure, unfiltered, and unheated raw honey


WarningDo not feed to infants under one year old    

Please Note:  Raw honey tends to crystallize within 2-6 months, depending on the humidity, temperature, un/direct light.

We produce our local honey on California farms without chemicals, artificial feeds, miticides, heat, or filtration.